FORMATS 10 Accepted Papers

Bert Van Beek , Pieter Cuijpers , Jasen Markovski , Damian Nadales Agut and Koos Rooda. Reconciling Urgency and Variable Abstraction in a Hybrid Compositional Setting
Patricia Bouyer , Romain Brenguier and Nicolas Markey . Computing Equilibria in Two-Player Timed Games via Turn-Based Finite Games
Dejan Nickovic and Nir Piterman . From MTL to Deterministic Timed Automata
Mani Swaminathan and Ernst-Ruediger Olderog . Layered Composition for Timed Automata
Sabrina von Styp, Henrik Bohnenkamp and Julien Schmaltz. A Conformance Testing  Relation for Symbolic Timed Automata
Jeremy Sproston and Angelo Troina . Simulation and Bisimulation for Probabilistic Timed Automata
Pierre Yves Schobbens , James Jerson Ortiz Vega and Axel Legay . Memory Event Clocks
Bartosz Grabiec, Louis-Marie Traonouez, Claude Jard , Didier Lime and Olivier H. Roux . Diagnosis using Unfoldings  of Parametric Time Petri Nets
Rüdiger Ehlers , Robert Mattmüller and Hans-Jörg Peter . Combining Symbolic Representations for Solving Timed Games
Anna Philippou, Insup Lee, Oleg Sokolsky and Jin-Young Choi. A Process Algebraic Framework for Modeling Resource Demand and Supply
Alexandre Donzé and Oded Maler . Robust Satisfaction of Temporal Logic over Real-Valued Signals
Paritosh Pandya and Simoni Shah. Unambiguity in Timed Regular Languages: Automata and Logics
Scott Cotton . Natural Domain SMT: A Preliminary Assessment
Vojtech Forejt, Marta Kwiatkowska , Gethin Norman and Ashutosh Trivedi . Expected Reachability-Time Games