Adam Brown

Curriculum vitæ
Teaching Statement


I am a postdoc at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. My research focuses on the representation theory of Lie algebras and Hecke algebras, as well as computational topology. Previously I was a graduate student at the University of Utah advised by Peter Trapa.

In my spare time I enjoy baking bread and frequenting Vienna's many cafes.


  • Probabilistic Convergence and Stability of Random Mapper Graphs
    Adam Brown, Omer Bobrowski, Elizabeth Munch, and Bei Wang.
    To appear in Journal of Applied and Computational Topology. [arXiv:1909.03488]
  • Contravariant forms on Whittaker modules
    Adam Brown and Anna Romanov.
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 2020.
  • Sheaf-theoretic stratification learning from geometric and topological perspectives
    Adam Brown and Bei Wang.
    Discrete & Computational Geometry, 2020.
  • Arakawa-Suzuki Functors for Whittaker modules
    Adam Brown.
    Journal of Algebra, Volume 538, p. 261--289, 2019.
  • Arakawa-Suzuki Functors for Whittaker modules, University of Utah Dissertation.
    Adam Brown.
    PhD Thesis
  • Sheaf-theoretic stratification learning
    Adam Brown and Bei Wang.
    International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SOCG), 2018.

Seminar & Conference Talks

University of Vienna, Representation Theory/Automorphic Forms Seminar
  • The local Langlands correspondence and unitary representations of GL(n). November 2020
    Midwest Representation Theory Conference
    • Unitary representations of GL(n) and the geometry of Langlands parameters. October 2020
      University of Utah, Number Theory/Representation Theory Seminar
      • Contravariant forms on Whittaker modules. January 2020
        IST Austria, Geometry/Topology Seminar
        • Persistent Microlocal Geometry. December 2019
          University of Oxford, Algebra/Representation Theory Seminar
          • Contravariant forms on Whittaker modules. September 2019
            Osterreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft
            • Convergence and stability of random mapper. September 2019
              Young Topologists Meeting, EPFL, Switzerland
              • Probabilistic convergence and stability of random mapper. July 2019
                IST Austria, Geometry/Topology Seminar
                • Convergence and stability of random mapper. July 2019
                  Representation Theory XVI, Dubrovnik, Croatia
                  • Arakawa-Suzuki functors for Whittaker modules. June 2019
                    Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop, LSU
                    • The geometric foundation of Arakawa-Suzuki functors. May 2019
                      University of Georgia, Algebra Seminar
                      • Arakawa-Suzuki functors for Whittaker modules. November 2018
                      University of Maryland, College Park, Lie Groups and Representations Seminar
                      • Arakawa-Suzuki functors for Whittaker modules. September 2018
                      University of Utah, Number Theory and Representation Theory Seminar
                      • Arakawa-Suzuki functors for Whittaker modules. September 2018
                      Symposium on Computational Geometry
                      • Sheaf-theoretic stratification learning. Summer 2018 Slides

                      University of Utah Graduate Student Colloquium
                      • Applications of intersection homology in representation theory and data science. Spring 2018
                      • Topological data analysis: A new frontier (for sheaves). Spring 2017
                      • An invitation to harmonic analysis. Spring 2016 Slides
                      • A survey of the theory and applications of representations. Fall 2014
                      • Applications of representation theory in harmonic analysis. Spring 2013

                      University of Utah Representation Theory Student Seminar
                      • Duality between SL_n and the graded affine Hecke algebra. Fall 2016
                      • Weyl character formula. Spring 2015
                      • Dirac cohomology of Harish-Chandra modules. Spring 2015
                      • Clifford algebras. Spring 2015
                      • Introduction to sheaves. Fall 2014
                      • Abelian categories. Fall 2014

                      University of Utah Undergraduate Student Colloquium
                      • Applications of representation theory to the heat equation. Spring 2015 Slides
                      The Leonardo Museum
                      • p-Adic numbers: A new way to count. Spring 2017 Slides


Teaching Statement


  • Cellular Sheaves and Persistent Homology, IST Austria. Spring 2021
  • Sheaf Theory and Applications, IST Austria. Spring 2020. Sheaf Theory Notes
  • MATH 1010: Intermediate Algebra. Fall 2013, Fall 2015
  • MATH 10: Intermediate Algebra Review. Spring 2017
  • MATH 1060: Trigonometry. Spring 2014
  • MATH 1210: Calculus I. Fall 2014, Fall 2016
  • MATH 2200: Discrete Mathematics. Summer 2014

Teaching Assistant

  • MATH 3140: Engineering Vector Calculus and PDE's. Spring 2015

Mathematical Travel