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Lampert Group
IST Austria

Am Campus 1
A-3400 Klosterneuburg


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A. Royer*, A. Kolesnikov* and C. H. Lampert
Probabilistic Image Colorization
To appear at BMVC 2017, London, UK
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*Equal contributon

A. Kolesnikov and C. H. Lampert
PixelCNN Models with Auxiliary Variables for Natural Image Modeling
To appear at ICML 2017, Sydney, Austrlia
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S. Rebuffi, A. Kolesnikov and C. H. Lampert
iCaRL: Incremental Classifier and Representation Learning
To appear at CVPR 2017, Honolulu, USA

A. Kolesnikov and C. H. Lampert
Seed, Expand and Constrain: Three principles for weakly-supervised image segmentation
Published at ECCV 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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A. Kolesnikov and C. H. Lampert
Improving Weakly-Supervised Object Localization by Micro-Annotation
Published at BMVC 2016, York, UK

A. Kolesnikov and C. H. Lampert
Identifying Reliable Annotations for Large Scale Image Segmentation
arXiv preprint arXiv:1504.07460

A. Kolesnikov, M. Guillaumin, V. Ferrari and C. H. Lampert
Closed-Form Approximate CRF Training for Scalable Image Segmentation
Published at ECCV 2014, Zurich, Switzereland
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