Code and Software

Probabilistic Image Colorization (PIC)

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Tensorflow implementation for Probabilistic Image Colorization - generating diverse and vibrant colorization using auto-regressive generative networks - on the CIFAR and ImageNet datasets.

  • PIC repository
    • Source code written for Python 2.6+ and 3+ and Tensorflow
    • Pretrained models available for CIFAR and ImageNet
    • MIT license

Similarity by Iterative Classification (SIC)

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Implementation of SIC (Similarity by Iterative Classification), an unsupervised machine learning technique to estimate a similarity measures from repeated classification iterations on the data. See the following technical report for more details about the method, implementation and datasets used:


Classifier Adaptation at Prediction Time

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Python implementation of an online classifier adaptation scheme at prediction time. The archive contains the implementation for running and evaluation the classifier adaptations, as well as for generating "realistic sequences" of object categories as described in the original work.

    • Source code written for Python 2.6+
    • Instructions and Dependencies in README file + Sphinx Documentation (Doc/ directory)
    • GNU GPL v2.0 license
    • Example of realistic query sequences precomputed for the ILSVRC2010 and ILSVRC2012 datasets (Data/ directory)