Alexander Zimin


I am a PhD student at Christoph Lampert group. My research is focused on various learning situations, which involve dependent data. I have also worked on online learning and reinforcement learning.

My publications

Alexander Zimin, Christoph H. Lampert
Learning Theory for Conditional Risk Minimization.
AISTATS 2017, paper, supplemental
Christoph H. Lampert , Liva Ralaivola and Alexander Zimin
Dependency-dependent Bounds for Sums of Dependent Random Variables
Alexander Zimin, Christoph H. Lampert
Conditional Risk Minimization for Stochastic Processes.
Alexander Zimin, Gergely Neu
Online Learning in Markov Decision Processes by Relative Entropy Policy Search.
In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 26 (NIPS), pp. 1583-1591, 2013, link
Alexander Zimin
Interpolation of objects in linear space. (In Russian)
"Notes about Computer Science and Mathematics" part 2, set of scientific articles/ main editor A. Morozov; P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University - Yaroslavl: 2009

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