1.11.2017 Welcome!

Melissa Toups joined as a postdoc.

Ina's paper on dosage compensation in Lepidoptera in the news!

ScienceDaily, ORF, APA-Science, Tiroler Tageszeitung


5.6.2016 Open Campus Day 2016

The lab presented sexual and asexual species of Brineshrimp, and what they can tell us about the evolution of sexual dimorphism, at the IST Austria Open Campus day.

1.1.2016 Welcome!

Marion Picard joined as a postdoc.

1.1.2016 Welcome!

Ann Kathrin Huylmans joined as a postdoc.

New version of the website launched.


1.12.2015 Welcome!

Christelle Fraisse started her ISTfellow postdoc in the Barton and Vicoso labs.

12.2015 New lab paper:

The X chromosome of hemipteran insects: conservation, dosage compensation and sex-biased expression. A Pal & B Vicoso. Genome biology and evolution 7 (12), 3259-3268. Link