Current Lab Members

Beatriz Vicoso - PI

I am interested in using next-gen sequencing to investigate sex-chromosome evolution in non-model organisms.

E-mail: beatriz.vicoso@ist.ac.at

Ariana Macon - Technician

Ariana is in charge of keeping animal colonies, and of most of the molecular work in the lab.

E-mail: ariana.macon@ist.ac.at

Christelle Fraisse - ISTfellow Postdoc in Vicoso and Barton Labs

I am an evolutionary geneticist, with a special interest in species complexes. My research project aims at understanding the consequences of sex chromosome evolution on speciation, using both comparative genomics and theoretical models.

E-mail: christelle.fraisse@ist.ac.at

Ann Kathrin Huylmans - Postdoc

My main interest is to understand how gene expression differences between males and females arise. I study the evolution of sex-biased genes, sex chromosomes, and sex determination systems and the evolutionary forces shaping these. My main project currently deals with sexual antagonism in brine shrimp.

Website E-mail: annkathrin.huylmans@ist.ac.at

Melissa Toups - Postdoc

I use both empirical and computational approaches to study the evolution of sex chromosomes and sexually dimorphic gene expression in nonmodel organisms.

E-mail: melissa.toups@ist.ac.at

Will Gammerdinger - ISTplus Postdoc

I am interested in understanding how genomes have evolved to resolve sexual conflict and I employ bioinformatic approaches to study this process. Possible mechanisms for this, such as the recruitment of novel sex chromosomes and whole genome duplication events, are processes that I am particularly interested in.

E-mail: william.gammerdinger@ist.ac.at

Reka Kelemen - PhD Student

I am interested in using computational tools and mathematical modeling to answer biological questions. Evolutionary biology and population genetics are especially suitable for such approaches thanks to the substantial work available on the theoretical expectations regarding evolutionary processes, and to the abundance of genomics data for testing hypotheses. Currently I am using genomics and transcriptomics to extract information about the evolutionary history and expression profile of a meiotic driver.

E-mail: reka.kelemen@ist.ac.at

Gemma Puixeu Sala - PhD Student in Barton and Vicoso groups

My research focus is the study of evolutionary causes and consequences of sex differences. I am interested in understanding 1) why sexual conflict remains pervasive in spite of the existance of mechanisms to resolve it and 2) what the consequences of such long-standing conflict are, particularly in terms of biomedical implications. I am using a combination of theroy and bioinformatic data analyses to answer these questions.

E-mail: gemma.puixeusala@ist.ac.at

Julia Raices - PhD Student

More soon.

E-mail: julia.raices@ist.ac.at

Past Lab Members

Marion Picard - Postdoc

I am interested in molecular mechanisms leading to gonochorism and sexual dimorphism in non-model species. I work on a wide range aspects of sex in Schistosoma parasites, from developmental studies (functional analyses of sex-biased genes and dosage compensation mechanisms) to evolutionary aspects. My current project deals with the evolution of the Z-chromosome in these species.

E-mail: marion.picard@ist.ac.at

Claire - Student

An evolutionary geneticist by training, I am interested in studying the evolutionary dynamics and genetic basis of sexual antagonism, as well as, and in the context of, gene regulation. Over the next few years, I hope to acquire a better understanding of how this type of conflict within the genome of a species can be resolved, and the role of gene regulation in said resolution.

E-mail: claire.fourcade@ist.ac.at

Chay - ISTern

Reading Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, UK, allows me to bring a broad background to my ISTernship project. I am interested in the evolution of sex-determining systems and their diversity across nature, as well as the impact this has upon an organism within its community structure. I am exacting bioinformatic approaches to address species' sex-chromosome differences, alongside wet-lab experiments on the non-model organism Artemia. I write with the coding languages R, Python, perl and bash. Most recently, my work has focussed on resolving the contrasts of poorly understood ratite bird lineages, bridging the gaps in our knowledge by using Illumina HiSeq data.

E-mail: chay.graham@ist.ac.at

Adrien Bessy - Intern

I am a bioinformatician specialized in evolutionary biology. My research project aims at understanding sex chromosome pair evolution by analysing sexually antagonistic gene diversity, using genomics data in several populations of Drosophila melanogaster.

E-mail: adrien.bessy@ist.ac.at

Arka Pal - ISTern

Undergraduate at the Institute of Science, Bangalore