Benjamin C. Wallace

I am currently a postdoc at IST Austria in the Erdös group.

I completed my PhD in the Mathematics Department at UBC, where I was a member of the Probability Group. My advisor was Gordon Slade.

IST Austria
Am Campus 1
3400 Klosterneuburg

bwallace at ist dot ac dot at

Broadly speaking, I am interested in problems involving methods from probability theory and analysis. My work at present involves the development and application of a rigorous renormalisation group method for studying the critical behaviour of spin systems and models of self-interacting walks.

See my research statement (last updated 03/2017) and my CV for more information.

Publications Talks
I recently led a learning seminar on statistical physics. See here for more information.

I have also taught the following courses at UBC: Thesis
Renormalization group analysis of self-interacting walks and spin systems (link)