Cezara Drăgoi is a post-doc in IST Austria Tom Henzinger group . She got her phd in LIAFA (University Paris 7) under the supervision of Ahmed Bouajjani and Mihaela Sighireanu. Her main research interests are in software verification and analysis [CV] . She has a computer science bachelor degree obtained at the University of Bucharest. Last but not least this is her home town. You can contact her by email at cezarad@ist.ac.at.

  • CELIA is a Frama-C plug-in for inter-procedural static analysis of C programs with linked lists and unbouded data.
  • CINV is a tool for the data and shape analysis of programs with linked lists.
  • During the phd, her teaching activities consisted in TPs/TDs, i.e. practical/ exercise classes, in "Introduction to programming languages" and "Automata theory" for undergraduated students and "Static analysis" for master students.