Murat Tuğrul

Phd Student in Nick Barton's group at IST-Austria


In my PhD, I aim at understanding evolution of trancriptional gene regulation by combining biophysical models with population genetic research framework. Particulary, I try to understand evolutionary dynamics of transcription factor binding sites in enhancer and promoter regions as well as evolution of gene-gene interactions (aka, gene network).
(Advisor: Nick Barton, Co-Advisor: Gasper Tkacik)

(See my CV for detailed information)


2009, M.Sc. in Physics, IFISC, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2007, M.Sc. in Computational Sci., KU, Istanbul, Turkey
2005, B.Sc. in Physics (major) and Philosophy (minor), METU, Ankara, Turkey

Selected Publications:

- MT, Tiago Paixao, Nick Barton, Gasper Tkacik. (2015) "Dynamics of Transcription Factor Binding Site Evolution," Plos Genetics [PDF] [Web][ArXiv]
- Stephanie Keller-Schmidt, MT, Victor M. Eguiluz, Emilio Hernandez-Garcia, and Konstantin Klemm. (2015) "Anomalous scaling in an age-dependent branching model," Physical Review E [PDF][Web][ArXiv]
- MT & Alkan Kabakcioglu, 2010, "Anomalies in the transcriptional regulatory network of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae", Journal of Theoretical Biology, [PDF][Web][ArXiv]

Organizational & Teaching Experience:

- Co-organizer of the workshops on Quantitative Evolutionary Biology in 2013 [link] and in 2014 [link] in Math Village (near Izmir) in Turkey.
- In the organizing committee of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Symposium in 2014 [link] in Istanbul in Turkey.
- Teaching Physics & Mathematics in high school & university freshman levels


- Teaching Physics & Evolutionary Biology to 6-10 year old kids in Sommer Campus at IST Austria in 2014 & 2015.
- A series of history of science articles on Viennese scientists & coffee houses (in colloboration with M. Naroglu, published in Bilim ve Gelecek, a popular science journal in Turkish): Freud & Cafe Landtmann (February, 2014) [pdf]; Goedel & Cafe Central (April, 2014) [pdf]; Boltzmann & Cafe Jelinek (August, 2014) [pdf]; Schroedinger & Cafe Afro (December, 2014)[pdf]

Anyways, feel free to contact me: mtugrul AT