About the Course

We present formal modeling languages and analysis tools for discrete-event dynamical systems, with special emphasis on applications from computer science and biology. The languages we discuss are based on mathematical logic, rewrite rules, automata, circuits, and programming constructs. The analysis methods include model checking, theorem proving, and abstract interpretation. We give brief introductions to advanced models incorporating time, probabilities, game-theoretic aspects, and continuous behavior.

  • Instructors: Thomas A. Henzinger, Krishnendu Chatterjee
  • Teaching Assistants: Pavol Cerny, Arjun Radhakrishna
  • Time:
    • Lectures: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 1.45pm-3pm (starting December 1st)
    • Recitations: Tuesdays, 12.45pm-1.35pm
  • Location: Seminar Room Mondi 3, IST Austria
  • Credits: 3ECTS
  • Registration: We ask that those interested in taking the course register with the Graduate School at IST. You can register by email: marie.trappl@ist.ac.at. Please remember to indicate whether you will be participating in the shuttle bus.
  • Shuttle: IST Austria will operate a shuttle-bus, free of charge, from Heilingenstadt (terminus of the U4) to our campus before the class time and a return trip following the class. Please register for the shuttle bus a week before the course starts by emailing marie.trappl@ist.ac.at.