Scientific Presentation and Conduct

a course by Sylvia Cremer and Tom Henzinger

March 1, 2012 to June 21, 2012
first lecture in Mondi 2; all following lectures in Mondi 3


How to present your results to the scientific community? This course discusses how to best prepare a scientific manuscript, conference contribution or grant application. It also provides information on literature search and citations, publishing decisions, job applications and good scientific practice and highlights differences in procedures between theoretical and experimental research fields.

All IST students are required to attend this course.


March 1

PhD at IST

PDFHow To Have A Bad Career in Research by Tom Henzinger

March 8 Scientific Writing: the computer science perspective
  • style
  • how to organize a paper

PDFWriting (Computer Science) by Tom Henzinger

March 15

Scientific Writing: the biology perspective

PDFWriting (Biology) by Sylvia Cremer


March 22 Scientific Publishing: the biology perspective
  • authorship
  • conference vs. journal papers
  • reviewing and revision process

PDFScientific Publishing (Biology) by Sylvia Cremer

March 29

Scientific publishing: the computer science perspective

PDFScientific Publishing (computer science) by Tom Henzinger

April 19

Literature Search and Library Resources

PDFLiterature Managment by Sylvia Cremer

PDFFind, Cite, Publish by Patrick Danowski

April 26

Scientific Conduct

PDFScientific Conduct by Sylvia Cremer

PDFMPG Catalogue of Scientific Misconduct

PDFMPG Rules of Good Scientific Practice

May 3 Mathematical Writing
May 10

Proposal Writing

PDFGrant Writing by Sylvia Cremer

May 24

Scientific Lecturing: the computer science perspective

PDFHow to give a good research talk (slides) by Simon Peyton Jones

PDFHow to give a good research talk (paper) by Simon Peyton Jones

May 31 Scientific Lecturing: the biology perspective
  • conference vs. job talks
  • posters

PDFScientific Presentations by Sylvia Cremer

June 14

Student Presentations

  • Catherine McKenzie
  • Karin Mitosch
  • Georg Rieckh
  • Jan Schwarz
  • Morten Bojsen-Hansen
  • Barbara Casillas-Perez
  • Martin Chmelik
  • Marta Dravecka
  • Mauritio Morri
June 21

Student Presentations

  • Fabienne Jesse
  • Anaisa Moreno
  • Jakob Egger
  • Sebastian Novak
  • Florian Pausinger
  • Pavel Payne
  • Ekatherina Pukhlyakova
  • Rushton
  • Haibing Xu

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