1. Auto login

Please note that logging in is not required anymore.
However, in order to take full advantage of the link box and the blackboard, logging in is recommended.

Auto login is an integral part of the newly upgraded intranet portal.
Checking the auto login box in the right upper corner spares you the trouble of logging in in the future.

2. Start page

The start page of the information portal has three major sections:
topical navigation on the left, mash-up teaser content in the middle, a communication widget on the right

3. Mash-up teaser content

The middle section presents current information from other applications:
events from Weekly Schedule, menu from Wiki, newcomers from IST Control Panel, and publications from IST Publication Database

4. Event box

The event box in the upper part of the middle section gives an overview of current courses, talks, lectures, conferences, etc.
Additionally, it provides clickable links to information and location of academic and social events.

5. Communication widget

The blackboard in the upper part of the right-hand section enables non-official, non-critical communication with colleagues in public and private channels.

Selected mailing lists - i.e. bazaar, outdoor, parents, and social events - are now fed into the respective channels of the blackboard,
thus enabling subscribers to communicate with more people and those not subscribed to partake of the information exchanged.

Sending emails to blackboard@lists.ist.ac.at allows direct posting to the same-name channel of the blackboard.

Click the cogwheel icon on the start page to follow/unfollow existing channels and add/remove channels from your blackboard.

Click "new post" button on the start page to create a new posting BUT do not forget to choose at least one subscribed channels for the posting to appear.

Click "all posts" button to see a list of all postings available, starting with the most recent one.

Click any posting shown on the start page or in the list of all postings to read it or comment on it.

9. Tool box

The tool box in the top bar provides shortcuts to the most frequently needed utilities.
Note that the amount of utilities shown may vary from user to user and red links do not open off-campus.

10. Contact

If you have questions, issues or suggestions concerning the information portal, please contact bernhard.wenzl@ist.ac.at.