A tool for Tree Decompositions in Soot


  1. paper.pdf
    Initial draft of the paper about JTDec (Submitted to ATVA 2017).
    The appendix contains detailed instructions about running JTDec.
  2. JTDec.jar
    An executable jar file that can be used to obtain Tree decompositions of Java methods.
  3. JTDec-lib.jar
    JTDec library (depends on
  4. JTDec-source.jar
    Source files.
  5. JTDec-vm.ova
    A virtual machine that contains JTDec.jar and a ready-to-use example (the same example as demonstrated in the paper).
    All passwords are “JTDec”.


JTDec is free software. You can use it under the terms of GNU GPL version 3 or later.


Feel free to write to goharshady[at-sign]ist.ac.at.