Curriculum Vitae



2015 - today phd student at ist austria
Location: Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg, Austria.
Summer 2015 international computer vision summer school (icvss)
Location: Sicily, 1-week summer school, "Learning to see".
2013 - 2015 research-oriented masters in computer science with first class honours
Location: University of Rennes 1 / Irisa, Rennes, France.
In conjunction with studies at École Normale Supérieure de Rennes.
2012 - 2013 bachelor of computer science with first class honours
bachelor of mathematics with honours
Location: University of Rennes 1, Rennes, France.
Double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, in conjunction with studies at École Normale Supérieure de Rennes.
2010 - 2012 post-secondary preparatory classes
Location: Lycée Georges Clémenceau, Reims, France, MPSI-MP*.
Main subjects : Mathematics and Physics.
“Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles”, a 2-year preparation for national competitive entrance exams leading to french “Grandes écoles”.
2008 - 2010 french baccalauréat (high school diploma) in science with first class honours
Location: Lycée Jean Jaurès, Reims, France.
Main subjects : Mathematics and Physics.
Obtained the French-German Abibac: Abibac is a german intensive course which delivers the Abitur (german High School diploma equivalent) in addition of the Baccalauréat.

Professional Experience

Mar.-Sep 2017 intern at google brain
Subject: Semantic Style Transfer.
Location: London, UK.
Advisors: Konstantinos Bousmalis, Stephan Gouws, Fred Bertsch
We tackle the problem of semantic style transfer: given two unpaired collections of images, we aim to learn a mapping between the corpus-level style of each collection, while preserving semantic content shared across the two domains. We introduce XGAN, a dual adversarial autoencoder, which captures a shared representation of the common domain semantic content in an unsupervised way, while jointly learning the domain-to-domain image translations in both directions.

-> arXiv report

Feb.-June 2015 intern at inria rennes in the linkmedia team
Subject: Clustering by diverting supervised Machine Learning techniques
Location: Rennes, France
Advisors: Vincent Claveau, Guillaume Gravier
During this internship, we studied a method for defining a similarity measure on various types of multimedia content, with few to no prior knowledge, by diverting usual supervised machine learning techniques and exploiting them in this unsupervised framework.

-> internship report

May-Aug. 2014 intern at ist austria
Subject: Learning a prior for lifelong visual object categorization
Location: Vienna, Austria
Advisor: Christoph Lampert
The topic of the internship was to develop a system for automatically learning realistic prior distributions over object classes. We then applied it to the problem of classification, in the context of object hierarchies such as the ImageNet database.

-> internship report

May-July 2013 intern at inria rennes in the texmex team
Subject : Event Retrieval in large video databases
Location: Rennes, France
Advisors: Hervé Jégou, Teddy Furon
Research Internship which aimed at comparing event retrieval methods based on signal processing. In particularm we investigated a new algorithm based on circular Fourier Transform and random projections of high-dimensional vectors.

-> internship report

Spoken Languages

French Native language
English Advanced
Cambridge First (FCE) 2010, TOEIC (990/990) 2013
German Advanced
European B1 (2008), Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD) (2008), Zentrale MittelstufenPrüfung (ZMP) 2010


Programming languages C++, C, Java, OCaml, Python, Matlab, Qt, Tensorflow
Other Software Microsoft Office, Emacs, Latex, Git, SVN
Misc. Driving License