RNDr. Erika Maringová, Ph.D.


03/2021 -          postdoc in the group of Julian Fischer at IST Austria
11/2019 - 02/2021   postdoc in the team of Ansgar Jüngel at Vienna University of Technology


2020                RNDr.: Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
2015-2019   Doctoral (Ph.D.): Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
           Supervisor: Miroslav Bulíček, thesis: Mathematical analysis of models arising in continuum mechanics with implicitly given rheology and boundary conditions
2013-2015   Master (Mgr.): Mathematical Analysis, Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
           Supervisor: Miroslav Bulíček, thesis: Elliptic equations in nonreflexive function spaces
2010-2013   Bachelor (Bc.): Mathematics, Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
           Supervisor: Daniel Ševčovič, thesis: Anisoperimetric inequalities for discrete polygons (in slovak)


  1. A. Abbatiello, M. Bulíček and E. Maringová: On the dynamic slip boundary condition for Navier-Stokes-like problems, M3AS, 31, Number 11, 2165--2212 (2021).
  2. M. Bulíček, E. Maringová and J. Málek: On nonlinear problems of parabolic type with implicit constitutive equations involving flux, M3AS, 31, Number 10, 2039--2090 (2021).
  3. M. Bulíček, E. Maringová, B. Stroffolini and A. Verde: A boundary regularity result for minimizers of variational integrals with nonstandard growth, Nonlinear Analysis, 177, Part A, 153-168, (2018).
  4. L. Beck, M. Bulíček and E. Maringová: Globally Lipschitz minimizers for variational problems with linear growth, ESAIM: COCV, 24, Number 4, 1395-1413, (2018).
  5. E. Maringová and J. Žabenský: On a Navier-Stokes-Fourier-like system capturing transitions between viscous and inviscid fluid regimes and between no-slip and perfect-slip boundary conditions, Nonlinear Anal. RWA, 41, 152-178, (2018).
  • E. Maringová: Variational Problems With Linear Growth - Regularity up to the Boundary in Non-Convex Domains, WDS'16 Proceedings of Contributed Papers, 227-232, (2016).

    invited talks

  • Conference Anisotropy and inhomogeneity in PDEs, Warsaw, Poland, December 2020 (cancelled)
  • Workshop Multiscale Models for Complex Fluids: Modeling and Analysis, Banff, Alberta, Canada, November 2020, (online)
  • Conference The 13th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, June 2020 (postponed to 2022)
  • Doctoral School DK Winter Workshop 2020, Baden bei Wien, Austria, March 2020 (cancelled)
  • Workshop Mathflows2020, Będlewo, Poland, March 2020
  • Conference Recent developments in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Applications, Bangalore, India, November 2017
  • Workshop Anisotropy 2017, Warsaw, Poland, February 2017
  • Workshop Fifth Bielefeld-SNU Joint Workshop in Mathematics, Bielefeld, Germany, February 2017
  • Conference The First China-Czech Conference on Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Beijing, China, September 2016

    pedagogical and organizational experience

  • organizing workshops Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic systems and problems in continuum mechanics, Telč, Czech Republic, May 2018, May 2020 and September 2022
  • 2 semesters of teaching - exercise classes for Mathematical Analysis I (2 groups in 2018/2019) and Mathematical Analysis II (1 group in 2017/2018)
  • Vice-president of the Charles University Chapter of SIAM for one year in 2017/2018 (also a chosen representative at the 2018 SIAM Annual Meeting)
  • organizing workshop Nonstandard Growth Analysis and its Applications 2017, Warsaw, Poland, March 2017

    seminar talks

  • Charles University, Czech Republic (online, April 2021)
  • IST Austria (online, January 2021)
  • University of Warsaw, Poland (online, December 2020)
  • University of Oxford, UK (online, June 2020)
  • University of Vienna, Austria (online, June 2020)
  • Nanjing University, China (August 2019)
  • Vienna University of Technology, Austria (November 2018)
  • University of Augsburg, Germany (November 2017)
  • Univeristy of Naples Federico II, Italy (October 2017)
  • Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland (December 2016)

    active participation in schools / workshops / conferences

  • Conference 8th European Congress of Mathematics, Portorož, Slovenia, June 2021 (online talk)
  • Meeting Dresden-Prague-Wroclaw, Prague, Czech Republic, September 2019 (talk)
  • Workshop Regularity aspects of linear growth functionals, Augsburg, Germany, September 2019 (talk)
  • Meeting Prague-Lepizig meeting, Oberwiesenthal, Germany, December 2018 (talk)
  • Conference 2nd Chinese-Czech Conference on Mathematical Fluids Mechanics, Prague, Czech Republic, September 2018 (talk)
  • Conference 2018 SIAM Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA, July 2018 (talk for a chosen representant)
  • Conference The 12th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, Taipei, Taiwan, July 2018 (talk)
  • Workshop Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic systems and problems in continuum mechanics, Telč, Czech Republic, May 2018 (talk)
  • Minisymposium Minisymposium on the Navier-Stokes equations, Prague, Czech Republic, February 2018 (talk)
  • School and Workshop MIGSAA multiscale problems in nonlinear PDEs, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, September 2017 (talk)
  • Workshop Meeting of European SIAM Chapters 2017, Prague, Czech Republic, August 2017 (poster)
  • Conference Implicitly constituted materials: Modeling, Analysis and Computing, Roztoky, Czech Republic, August 2017 (poster)
  • Conference Equadiff 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia, July 2017 (talk)
  • EMS School Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Flows, Kácov, Czech Republic, May 2017 (talk)
  • Workshop Modern challenges in continuum mechanics, Zagreb, Croatia, April 2017 (poster)
  • Workshop Mathflows 2017, Będlewo, Poland, January 2017 (talk)
  • Workshop Forefront of PDEs: Modelling, Analysis and Numerics, Vienna, Austria, December 2016 (poster)
  • Winter School CrossFields PDEs, Będlewo, Poland, December 2016 (poster)
  • Summer School on Evolution Equations EVEQ 2016, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2016 (poster)
  • Student Conference Week of Doctoral Students (mathematical and physical part), Prague, Czech Republic, June 2016 (2 talks and a paper in the proceedings)
  • Workshop Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic systems and problems in continuum mechanics, Telč, Czech Republic, April 2016 (talk)
  • School and Workshop PDEs and Applications, Naples, Italy, February 2016 (poster)

    scientific projects

  • Bridging Scales in Random Materials, ERC starting grant - member of the team; 2021-2022
  • Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems, FWF grant F6504 - member of the team; 2021-2022
  • Austrian Science Fund (FWF), grants P30000, W1245, and F65 - member of the team; 2019-2021
  • Role of boundary conditions in the analysis of flow of homogeneous incompressible fluids, Charles University Grant Agency - principal investigator (funding 16 000 EUR); 2017-2018
  • MathMAC, University Centre of Excellence programme of the Charles University - stipend for selected students; 2017-2019
  • Bilateral projects on analysis of multicomponent fluids between Charles University and Vienna University of Technology - student member of the team; 2016-2019
  • Specific University Research project by Charles University - support in years 2015-2019
  • MOdelling REvisited + MOdel REduction, project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic - member of the team; 2015-2017

    international collaboration

  • Nanjing University, China, collaboration with Yong Lu, 1 week in August 2019
  • University of Warsaw, Poland, collaboration with Piotr Gwiazda, 1 week in July 2019
  • University of Augsburg, Germany, collaboration with Lisa Beck, 6 weeks in Nov.-Dec. 2017
  • University of Naples Federico II, Italy, collaboration with Anna Verde and Bianca Stroffolini, 1 week in Oct. 2017
  • Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, internship with supervisor Piotr Gwiazda, 4 months, Dec. 2016-March 2017 (Simons Semester Crossfields PDEs)
  • Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, visit of Ansgar Jüngel, 4 weeks in 2016 - 2019