Photo of Fabian Muehlboeck Fabian Muehlboeck (Fabian Mühlböck) Postdoc IST Austria
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About Me

I am interested in static type-checking and how to reduce the burden that it places on its users, both language designers and programmers. My current work focuses on Gradual Typing in object-oriented programming languages. I am part of the Henzinger Group.

Before coming to IST Austria, I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University (advised by Ross Tate). I have been a Fulbright Exchange Student at Northeastern University, where I obtained an M.S. in Computer Science. I got a BSc in Software and Information Engineering from TU Wien (Austria).


Research Summary

Gradual Typing lets programmers decide when to use static type-checking in a program instead of the traditional all-or-nothing choice they had when choosing a language that either featured static type-checking or doesn't. However, it remains challenging to design type system features common in today's major object-oriented languages in such a way that they interact well with gradual typing, and it also remains challenging to implement gradual typing efficiently.


Getting F-Bounded Polymorphism into Shape
PLDI 2014 With Ben Greenman and Ross Tate



I'm currently not teaching anything, but here is a list of classes I have helped teach before:
  • Cornell
  • Northeastern
    • CS 5010 - Program Design Paradigms
      • Fall 2012 (Head TA)
      • Spring 2012 (TA)
  • TU Wien
    • E 185.162 - Object-Oriented Programming
      • Winter 2010 (Tutor ~TA)
      • Winter 2009 (Tutor ~TA)
    • E 185.179 - Logic Programming
      • Summer 2010 (Tutor ~TA)
      • Winter 2009 (Tutor ~TA)

Other Activities

Research Community


I spend most of my non-CS time playing board- and computer games that ideally are either about trust between players or building a large economy (or both). I bake cakes, and I like skiing and hiking.