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Guillaume Dubach
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I am currently teaching the class Probability and Statistics for life scientists at IST Austria.

Teaching Assistant

Below are my past assignments as a TA at NYU, CUNY and IST Austria.

Courant's Student probability seminar

I have been co-organizing the student probability seminar for four years and gave the following talks.
  • 2019: Stability and transience in complex systems via random matrices

  • 2018: Random Matrices and Group Representations.

  • 2018: Self-Avoiding Walks on the Honeycomb Lattice.

  • 2017: Ginibre Powers - the Laundry Machine Effect.

  • 2017: Some problems of random cycles - and how to fix them.

  • 2016: The Characteristic Polynomial of a Random Unitary Matrix.

  • 2015: Around Ulam's problem.

Updated: December 2021