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Highlights of Academic Accomplishments

  • ERC Start Grant, (given by European Research Council), 2011.
    (Research career award).

  • Microsoft Faculty Fellow Awards, (given by Microsoft Research), 2011.
    (Outstanding young faculty in computer science).

  • Golden Chalk Award, (given by IST Austria), 2016.
    (Teaching excellence).

  • Ackermann Award, (given by European Association of Computer Science Logic), 2008.
    (Outstanding PhD thesis worldwide in Computer Science Logic).

  • David J. Sakrison Memorial Prize, (given by University of California, Berkeley), 2008.
    (Outstanding piece of research (thesis) EECS, University of California, Berkeley).

  • President of India Gold Medal, (given by IIT, Kharagpur), 2001.
    (Best outgoing student IIT Kharagpur).