Lorenzo Portinale

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Since 2017 I am a PhD student in the group of Jan Maas at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. My research interests are calculus of variations and optimal transport, with focus in particular on discrete optimal transport.


  • Our Workshop " Recent advances in Gradient Flows, Kinetic Theory, and Reaction-Diffusion Equations " will take place online in date 13-16 July 2021 , for more information visit our webpage.
  • In Fall 2021, I will start my PostDoc position at the Hausdorff Center of Mathematics, in Bonn (Mentors: Karl-Theodor Sturm and Franca Hoffmann).
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    Preprints and Publications

    1. A Non-Commutative Entropic Optimal Transport Approach to Quantum Composite Systems at Positive Temperature
      with Dario Feliciangeli and Augusto Gerolin. Preprint (2021): arxiv:2106.11217

    2. Evolutionary $\Gamma$-convergence of entropic gradient flow structures for Fokker-Planck equations in multiple dimensions
      with Dominik Forkert and Jan Maas. Preprint (2020): arxiv:2008.10962

    3. Homogenisation of one-dimensional discrete optimal transport
      with Peter Gladbach, Eva Kopfer, and Jan Maas, published in Journal des Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (2020).
      Preprint Link: arXiv:1905.05757

    4. Penalization via global functionals of optimal-control problems for dissipative evolution
      with Ulisse Stefanelli, published in Advances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications (2019). Preprint link: arxiv:1910.10050

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