February 2020

February 28: Paulo's paper describing our method to quantify FtsZ treadmilling is now published in Methods in Cell Biology! Find the code on Paulo's Github.

February 27: Natalia's and Philipp's paper is featured on the cover of Nature Microbiology!

February 26: The website of the Biochemistry groups at IST Austria is now online, visit it here: biochemistry.ist.ac.at

January 2020

January 20: Our paper on the dynamic coupling between treadmilling FtsZ filaments and cell division proteins has been published in Nature Microbiology!
Natalia also wrote a blog post on our story for the Nature Research Microbiology Community, find it here!

January 6: Lukasz and Isabel joined our group today, welcome!

December 2019

December 19: Our fanatastic technician Mar won the yearly award for "Outstanding Scientific Support" at IST Austria, congratulations!

December 17: Paulo's paper on how ZapA modulates the architecture of FtsZ filament bundles has been published in to the Nature Communications!

November 2019

November 13: Martin has been selected to the EMBO YIP program!

September 2019

September 23: Urban has studied the emergent properties of a Rab5 activation network in vitro. We found cooperative activation, bistability and activation waves!

Find the preprint "Stochastic activation and bistability in a Rab GTPase regulatory network" on BioRxiv!

June 2019

June 17: Great food and science at our "Loose lab symposium" at Tulbinger Kogel!

April 2019

April 10: Natalia, Phillip and Paulo attended the Cell Biology of Prokaryotes conference at the Banz Abbey! Natalia was selected to give a talk and Paulo won the 1st poster prize, congratulations!

March 2019

March 18: The preprint to Paulo's paper is online! He studied how ZapA modulates the architecture of a membrane-bound FtsZ cytoskeletal network. To our surprise, ZapA strongly affects the architecture of FtsZ filament bundles, but has no influence on treadmilling dynamics. Find the preprint on BioRxiv!

January 2019

January 15: Batirtze joined the lab as a Postdoc today, welcome!

December 2018

December 3: We rebuilt part of the bacterial cell division machinery in vitro and found that divisome proteins co-migrate with treadmilling FtsZ filaments by diffusion-and-capture, not by pushing or pulling. Find the preprint on BioRxiv!

October 2018

October 23: Albert successfully defended his Master Thesis at the University of Vienna today, with the best possible grade! Congratulations!

October 7: We went on a hike in the Vienna woods to enjoy the view to the city.

August 2018

August 13: Paulo and Martin went to the Gordon Conference Plant and Microbial Cytoskeleton in Andover, NH to present our latest findings on the self-organization of the bacterial cell division machinery.

July 2018

July 2: Laryssa and Beata joined the lab for summer internships, welcome!

December 2017

December 21: Happy holidays from the IST Austria Christmas party (aka Winter Bash), with two more pictures from the photo booth!

October 2017

October 1st: Philipp Radler joined the lab as a student intern to work on the bacterial cell division machinery, welcome!

August 2017

August 1st: Nikola Canigova and Katrin Loibl joined the lab in August, we went on a welcome hike to Redlinger Huette !

June 2017

June 26: Daria Petrova from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has joined our lab for the summer. She was accepted to the IST internship program. Welcome!

March 2017

March 15: Paulo was awarded a prestigious PhD fellowship from the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds! Congratulations!

December 2016

December 20: Happy holidays from the IST Austria Christmas party!

October 2016

October 4-5: HFSP Kickoff meeting with the labs from Sebastian, Ivo and Tim. Looking forward to work with these great people!

September 2016

September 29: Christian, Christine, Natalia, Paulo and Urban attended the Building the cell meeting in Paris!

September 1: Mar joined the lab today as a Lab Manager, welcome!
And Michaela left for her new job as PhD and Postdoc Program Manager at CeMM, all the best for you!

August 2016

August 12: We just came back from our lab retreat with the Leonard Lab . Had a great time in Brno!

June 2016

June 9: BBQ with our neighbors from the third floor in Lab Building East.

June 1: Christian joined the lab as an IST Fellow today, welcome!

March 2016

Mar. 18: Fantastic news today! Natalia was awarded the HFSP Long-Term-Fellowship! Congratulations!
And together with Sebastian Maurer, Ivo Telley and Timothy Saunders, we received an HFSP Young Investigator Grant! Looking forward to work together with these guys.

Mar. 8: Christine officially received the Hertha-Firnberg-Award today!

December 2015

Dec. 13: We got two prestigious Postdoc fellowships! Natalia is now a EMBO Long-Term Fellow and Christine was accepted to the Hertha-Firnberg-Program of the FWF. Congratulations!

October 2015

10/09: We have been awarded the ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant! We're very grateful to the ERC!

10/01: Paulo, Urban and Kirill joined the lab for their first rotation!

September 2015

Lab selfie!

June 2015

Natalia joined the lab!

Christine left to Woods Hole, for the MBL Physiology Course. She'll be back in 7 weeks!

May 2015

Catarina and Blair joined the lab!

April 2015

The methods paper with Ani, Aaron,Chris and Tim just came out! Find it here.

March 2015

3/11: We finally got name plates for the lab! Just in time for the PhD selection next week.

3/2: Christine, Aglaja and Shamsi joined the lab!

The Loose group at our lab warming party.


Unboxing day!

Lab furniture is being set up, official move-in date is February 16th!

January 2015

Our new lab space on the 3rd floor of Lab Building East is going be ready in February!