Interface-based Design

Luca de Alfaro and Thomas A. Henzinger

We motivate and introduce the theory behind formalizing rich interfaces for software and hardware components. Rich interfaces specify the protocol aspects of component interaction. Their formalization, called interface automata, permits a compiler to check the compatibility of component interaction protocols. Interface automata support incremental design and independent implementability. Incremental design means that the compatibility checking of interfaces can proceed for partial system descriptions, without knowing the interfaces of all components. Independent implementability means that compatible interfaces can be refined separately, while still maintaining compatibility.

In Engineering Theories of Software-intensive Systems (M. Broy, J. Gruenbauer, D. Harel, and C.A.R. Hoare, eds.), NATO Science Series: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, Vol. 195, Springer, 2005, pp. 83-104.

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