HyTech: The Next Generation

Thomas A. Henzinger, Pei-Hsin Ho, and Howard Wong-Toi

We describe a new implementation of HyTech, a symbolic model checker for hybrid systems. Given a parametric description of an embedded system as a collection of communicating automata, HyTech automatically computes the conditions on the parameters under which the system satisfies its safety and timing requirements. While the original HyTech prototype was based on the symbolic algebra tool Mathematica, the new implementation is written in C++ and builds on geometric algorithms instead of formula manipulation. The new HyTech offers a cleaner and more expressive input language, greater portability, superior performance (typically two to three orders of magnitude), and new features such as diagnostic error-trace generation. We illustrate the effectiveness of the new implementation by applying HyTech to the automatic parametric analysis of the generic railroad crossing benchmark problem and to an active structure control algorithm.

Proceedings of the 16th Annual Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS), IEEE Computer Society Press, 1995, pp. 56-65.

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